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Call The Colonel , I Got Chicken Legs

Posted by pozlife on March 29, 2006

I turned 45 on March the 15th and in no way I do not think of myself as old , the first time my Doctor called me middle aged I want to knock the shit out of him. Yesterday as I swung my legs off the bed I looked down and my once hot legs were fuckin’ gone, someone had snuck in and replaced them with old man chicken legs in the middle of the night. At one time in my youth I had man stoppin’ legs, I just loved summer and would make up reasons to wear shorts . Needless to say this year I am going for the lose to the knee look. About 3 years ago I had Mitochondrial Toxicity , my legs began to hurt, then burn like they were on fire. I got out the heating pad, covered my thighs in enough deep heat that at first smell one would wonder if I were pickleing something and thought , " well at least I am alive , so don't bitch about the pain ". When I lost the ability to stand , I had no idea that the meds could cause anything like this and I thought at least I will enjoy running over people in my hover round. I had to be hospitalized for a few days and I was taken off all meds for about a year. To this day I still have pain ( it may never go away, because of the nerve and muscle damage ) it has made my neuropathy from the meds a constant tingly prescience. . I know I should try some forms of light exercise, but I am over 40 and damn it exercise tires me out and is damned boring ! All I could think of when I looked at my legs and then my arms , is my God ! I look like an egg with pipe cleaner arms and legs and a bobble head suck on top for good measure! At least gray hair is in fashion ( just look at CNN's gray haired Anderson Cooper makes my crotch jump ) Now hand me some cookies and put that work out DVD in ( what ever did happen to Eric Nies )


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