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Calling Dr.420

Posted by pozlife on April 5, 2006

Pot , Herb , 420 ,Mary Jane ,Wacky Weed ,Smoke. Why is it that Alcohol is legal and a weed that once grew wild by the side of the road is illegal ? My Dad was a heavy drinker for most of my life, thankfully he quite about 5 years ago, but I can honestly say Drink killed my childhood. I never once had a day that was just me and him. Drink consumed him. It destroys lives , livers, and has its very own 12 step program, does drinking sound like such a good damn idea? On the other hand pot has a medicinal use, it helps stop pain, end nausea and makes a shitty day better ( I know so can booze). Unlike tobacco weed can be used in many ways, to make rope and fabric,you may have seen the hemp lotions on store shelves , I think I have just hit the tip of the iceburg. My state is governed by big tobacco , hell we even have a city named Winston Salem ! Even in this tar and nicotine state , laws are popping up faster than melanomas on leather skinned sun freaks. Randolph hospital , High Point Hospital and many other places now, in North Carolina you can not smoke "ANYWHERE" on the grounds , even in your car in the parking lot. I smoked for about 12 years and the one thing I do know is big tobacco is a sneaky fuckin' corporation. The only time I want to smoke now is when I see their damn stop smoking commercials , talk about brain washing! Now farmers are all up in arms over land, machines and barns that are going the way of 45 rpm records and beta max.. To put it simply ,they should start growing pot, they have all the tools for growing , the lost tax on tobacco products can be placed on pot. Pot TV is a ground breaking web site for everything herb, although I have not read all of its pages it does look like an informed site. Pot Party is one of many pro pot sites with its own state chapters and MPP is once of the best political pages. Lets bake some brownies , get out the bong , bowl or roll a big one and forget about the muscle pain and end the never ending toilet tango!

Med's Will Not Rule ME!


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One Response to “Calling Dr.420”

  1. tom said

    lol fisting is scary.
    but surprisingly eloquent?

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