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Selling Snake Oil

Posted by pozlife on April 25, 2006

AIDS cure is here
Tuesday, January 17, 2006

•Dr. Ugochukwu

As the world just celebrated "AIDS day" a trado-medical doctor, Hats Ugochukwu, has called on leaders to stop the celebration until they acknowledge that they have found a cure to the dreaded disease.

The medical doctor of Ugomedix International queried why the world should celebrate a disease that has been ravaging the population.

In his words: "For me, I don’t see anything to celebrate. Are we celebrating the death of the mass of the people or are we celebrating walking corpses because HIV/AIDS patients are moving corpses? We have no yardstick, no business to celebrate."

He said that the money and resources being used for the celebration of AIDS Day should be channeled towards fighting the surge of the dreaded disease. Ugochukwu who claimed that he had since found a complete cure to AIDS, said that rather than deceiving members of the public that there was no cure for the disease, world leaders should call on those who are making claims for cure, to prove their claims.

In his words: "My cure is a genuine one. I have total cure. Rather than despise my claim, let relevant government authorities send a confirmed HIV/AIDS patient to me and see whether I can cure him or her. Then if I can’t, expose me to the whole world, but if I do, tell it to the world too."
He boasted that he would not disappoint the relevant authorities if they brought a patient for cure, adding that he has cured over 15,000 AIDS patients.

The self-acclaim AIDS healer advised that leaders of the world should not neglect those who lay claim to the cure, adding "I appeal to them to make use of those who claim that they can cure the disease."

According to him, white people knew that cure would come from Africa and that they would do all things possible to kill the dream, adding "let African leaders encourage us. We have the root, herbs. Don’t mind what people are saying that our alternative medicine has no scientific proof. If somebody is sick, and you gave him medicine and he is cured, what other scientific proof do you want? I say unequivocally that there is cure, a total one for HIV/AIDS in Africa and in my clinic."

He advised youths to shun immorality rather than resort to the advise that they should use condom, adding "condom is not a 100 per cent antidote to AIDS but total abstinence. Though, you can contract AIDS through other ways, sex is the quickest and most prevalent way."

He said that he was angry about the comment credited to NACA chairman that he would be happy if the cure could be found in Nigeria, adding "does it means that he has not heard that I have found the cure? I have made much noise that AIDS is curable. Let him send some patients to me and see that there is cure to HIV/AIDS that is giving the whole world sleepless night. I will give them sleep and the problem of wasting billions on the search for cure.

From: The Sun News

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