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Identifying Gay

Posted by pozlife on April 27, 2006

    What is gay ? Tom Katt and Billy Brandt both say they "identify" as straight. Is that possible or is it better to be seen as straight , even a gay world. We all know guys with that conquer a "straight" man fantasy. Ryan Idol is another one who claimed to be straight, I bet they all get paid extra the first time they reciprocate on film. Some are said to be total bottoms off film or only have sex with females off camera.  Maybe they have a psychosexual need to have sex, no matter what the gender of the other participant.

I myself  am a perfect Kinsey six, never been with a female. According to Sue Johanson I am a virgin as well, she says the only way to lose your virginity is penile-vaginal sex. I know that there are strong sexual needs in all of us. People in prison often inter into sexual relationships , these are call "Institutionalized Homosexuals ". Most of these people would never indulge in homosexual acts otherwise.  There are also straight hustlers ( gay for pay ), these most often sell their cock not, their mouth or ass.

My big problem with the "straight " gay porn actors is ,here they are holding an erection in front of  other actors, camera men and all the various crew members. They stay erect for camera angle changes, retakes and all kinds of technical shit. I am gay and maybe I could have done it when I was young , but if you would have put a female in the movie, hell maybe even in the room. No fuckin’ way and I am still hypersexual at 45. I know the little blue pill works wonders, but this " straight" gay actor shit has been going on a long time " Peter North " ring a bell ?

I for one, do not think anal sex is all that gay, many men experiment with the prostate. I have read of straight couples who fist each other , females using strapons , straight sex can be just as kinky as gay sex. Men are also more apt to explore different types of sexual acts in private , with a secure female partner. Some may even prefer transgendered sexual partners but still refer to themselves as straight . More so now , with the advent of the Internet and sex talk shows. Every man reading this knows, most men will do about anything to have a mind blowing ejaculation. As long as no one knows but us, right babe.

I think that sucking cock is the very definition of gay. I am not talking about a man who loves to get his cock sucked, hell we all do! I am talking about men who suck cock. The act itself is phallic worship and you can tell if a man is into praying to the great erect God.  I hate to say it , but a true cock sucker is practiced and swallows. Truth be known, a good cock sucker is doing it for the reward. What might that be ? A true cock sucker is servile and is looking to pleasure his partner.

I am proud to say that I am gay by any definition. I also love a good cock sucker !

And a good Cock!


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