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HIV and Smoking

Posted by pozlife on May 7, 2006

Smoking accelerated symptoms
Oct 15, 2004

Hi doctor Bob, is it possible for people with Hiv after one year to show and produce symptoms related to the disease if they are heavy smokers because i heard smoking causes hiv to progress 200 times …dark brownish patches,spots,lesions on both legs (skin cancer?), frequent cold, sinus attacks,flu, constant muscle cramps and night sweats in just over a year after infection because the person is a heavy smoker.

If that same person had a 3 month negative antibody test, do u recommend additional hiv tests after noticing such symptoms in patients.

Response from Dr. Frascino


I’ve covered this information several times previously (check the archives!), so I’ll be brief.

1. Smoking does not alter HIV test results, the duration of the window period, or the body’s ability to make anti-HIV antibodies.

2. A three-month negative FDA-approved ELISA test is considered definitive, except if there are extenuating circumstances. (No, smoking doesn’t qualify for an extenuating circumstance.)

3. Symptoms, no matter what they are, do not equal HIV disease.

4. Smoking does not cause HIV to progress 200 times faster; however, smoking will kill you. Stop smoking.

5. “Heavy smoking” will kill you even more quickly. Stop smoking.

6. Smoking is particularly risky for HIV-infected individuals, because it predisposes them to sino-pulmonary track infections (sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.) and cancers. People who are immunodeficient for whatever reason (HIV included) have more difficulty with infections and cancers. Stop smoking.

7. STOP SMOKING!!! Whether you are HIV positive or not.

Did I make myself clear? Any questions?

Dr. Bob

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