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Jeff Palmer

Posted by pozlife on June 2, 2006



Another big "coming out" of sorts occurred at the GayVN Awards. A few days before the show, Jeff Palmer sent me and a few other close friends a long admission of ramblings of how he got test results of being HIV-positive and has been taking what he calls "poisons" to stave off the disease. After Sept. 11, and after meeting people who are "in the know," he's come to the conclusion that HIV and AIDS doesn't really exist, and that it's a conspiratorial fantasy concocted by the government(!).
This, of course, comes just before he announces signing a deal to do Jeff Palmer Raw, a bareback video with Hot Desert Knights, and just days later his long-time agent David Forest sends out a list of his "A-list" clients that no longer includes Palmer's name. [Forest has stated that he no longer represents Palmer but that the severing of ties was amiable – Ed.]
"I feel like your health is in here," Palmer told me pointing to his head while we were in an elevator at the Universal Hilton Hotel where the GayVN show was held. "I am healthy, I remain healthy and I love my fans, that's what I want to tell you."
The controversy, however, has erupted because Vince Harrington, Will Clark and a few other "activists" in the adult world have protested Palmer's barebacking plans, and fans on some of the Website discussion areas are upset that Palmer may have had unsafe sex with them in the back corners of his club appearances when he knew of his HIV status. [God forbid they should look at their own conduct in those back corners, right? – Ed.]
Palmer's a wonderful, dedicated and always dependable performer, and I've got close friends on both sides of this debate – people who don't believe in the cocktails, have lived with HIV for more than a decade and don't believe it exists, and friends who insist they'd be dead right now if they didn't have the cocktails to save them.
Palmer will have his detractors, and people who've abandoned him, especially in his time of need, but he's bringing this issue and debate to the forefront as no other A-list gay performer has. Good luck!…


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One Response to “Jeff Palmer”

  1. alessandro said

    The debate between hiv ultimately comes down to science vs. pseudo-science,fact vs. distraction,honesty
    vs. fear,acceptance vs.denial.

    That we are still questioning the fact that hiv causes aids
    is more than intellectually dishonest, it is tragic.One need
    only explain the profound impact of denailist policy in South
    Africa to find evidence of the insidious consequences of
    this psychosis.Tens of thousands of children infected by their mothers and countless others untreated because a head of state has chosen to embrace this destructive ignorance.The fact that people chose to believe this in America is not just self-destructive,but ultimately selfish
    and evil.

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