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With This Band Of Gold

Posted by pozlife on June 8, 2006

I can say that I , as an American , am truly ashamed of my President ( well I did not actually vote for the dumb fuck, I voted for the other guy ). The President chose the 25th anniversary of HIV/AIDS to bring up gay marriage again , that was a thoughtless scam to cover the fact that he has the lowest approval rating of any president since 1940. In a week where we as citizens of the great USA should be looking back and thanking the first gay men who had the strength, character and courage to stand up and fight for rights , meds and medical care for people who have HIV/AIDS. In the beginning when it was just a gay plague , we fought and today when more minorities and women have HIV/AIDS than gay men, they are reaping the benefits of the early work of ACTUP and other rights activists. Granted in the beginning there were straight men and women who came to our cause, not to forget the strong lesbian community. The president wants to make and amendment to the Constitution to take rights away from people- NEWSFLASH- the Constitution was written to give rights to people! Not take them away! This was nothing but a political ploy , one to try and make us forget the savage disaster of a war that is based on a total lie. If black gold did not flow like water in the region , there is no way in hell we would be there. What of our own mother nature ravaged areas of New Orleans and Mississippi , would not the money spent on this war be better spent in our own country.

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