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Dates, Mates and Rug Rats

Posted by pozlife on June 10, 2006

Last night as I flipped the remote , as most men are pron to do. I stopped on that great bastion of all right wing news "FOX News Channel ". They were having a heated debate about gay marriage and one " Holy Man" said that it gave children the wrong message and children needed both a male and a female parental figure in their lives. I have some questions they need to answer if this is so.

  1. So what happens if one parent dies , goes to jail or the parents get divorced ? By his own words these children will be in unfit homes…Do we then remove the children?
  2. What do we do with all the children in the foster care system , many never to find a home ? Most being warehoused or bounced for place to place.

I dare say if you asked just one of those children where they would want to be , they would choose a permanent home , be it gay or straight. Children are resilient and all they want is love, support and guidance. I think it is time to look to the future , not to be dragged into the past by so called men of "God"…who have lost all ideas of what a true loving God is!

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