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Phelps In Greensboro NC

Posted by pozlife on June 14, 2006

Greensboro normally would expect good behavior with thousands of Baptists coming to town next week. Unfortunately, Fred Phelps and his vile vagabonds plan to show up, too.

Phelps has made a noxious name for himself by crusading against homosexuality with tactics that would shame ordinary bigots.

Now he’s leading his small congregation from a Topeka, Kan., “church” to Greensboro where they plan to protest the unveiling of a Billy Graham statue by the Southern Baptist Convention.

Phelps faults Graham for not being hateful toward gays.

“I told him we were going to picket his funeral when he dies, and he’s not a well man,” Phelps said of Graham.

Someone’s not a well man.

Phelps and followers reached the height of notoriety in recent years by haranguing mourners at funerals for servicemen and women killed in Iraq. The reason: The country for which they died tolerates homosexuality.

Congress responded by creating a law that limits where and when demonstrators may appear at national cemeteries. No one has a First Amendment right to add to the grief of military families burying their dead.

The Phelps group won’t be barred from picketing on Lee Street outside the coliseum during the convention, which begins Tuesday. If they employ their usual practices, they’ll carry signs with disgusting slogans and spew ugly words. Some counter-demonstrators might show up, although it would be better if no one added to the noise. Police will have to stand by, at city expense, in case there’s trouble.

Southern Baptists might seem to be an ironic target of Phelps’ ire. The nation’s largest Protestant denomination is not regarded as gay-friendly. Baptists explain they “hate the sin but love the sinner.” This presents a good opportunity for them to stress the “love the sinner” part of that equation, so the public can make a clear distinction between their beliefs and Phelps’ notion that “God hates” homosexuals.

Billy Graham doesn’t preach a gospel of hatred, which puts him on Phelps’ target list. The contrast between the two couldn’t be more striking: Graham devoted his life to calling people to Christ; Phelps travels all over the country trying to drive them away.

The rudeness of Phelps and his fellow fanatics may sour the convention experience for some Baptists. Or, maybe it will inspire them to display more Christlike behavior.

*This is the reason for my earlier post about the “Phelps” gang. Some friends and I , along with my Mom and PFLAG went up to hold a protest against “Phelps ” I did not see him, however his wife/daughter was there and full of hate. As his entire congregation is made up of mainly family members. I can honestly say that even here in the south , I have never heard or seen such pure hate and evil. This group is vile to its very core.

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