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The Land Of Poz

Posted by pozlife on June 26, 2006

On June the 4th I went to our local urgent care center, I had been having bad chest pains from acid-reflux, or so I thought. As the pains were more burning and muscle soreness than shooting pains. They did an EKG and sent me on my way ,complete with a copy of my EKG. I got the feeling that they did not want to deal with me.

On June the 21st I had a routine checkup with my infectious disease doctor. He took one look at my EKG and went off. He wanted to know just what the fuck those people were thinking. I was admitted to the hospital right then and there.

Then the tests started , blood work , x-rays, EKGs, you name it. At one point I had a sonogram of my heart, now they bring the machine to your room. I liked that a lot and the guy who did it even more. He had the most gorgeous salt and pepper hair. At one time I was positioned where I just about hanging off the bed , using my hand to hold me in place. He firmly pressed the back of my hand with his leg , I have no idea if he did this on purpose , did it to sedate my nerves or as a form of flirting. It was just incredible , I came near to a full woodie.

At one point he looked at my chest and said ” Pigeon chest, Did it come out on its own? “

I said nothing , all of my life I have had a complex about my chest , it has a slight dip in a perfect line with my nipples. This has caused me much grief over my 45 years and the minute I got home Sunday , I went straight to the computer and looked it up. It is pectus excavatum and mine is not very noticeable, but now I know what it is and some of the chest pain may be coming from it! Why in all this time has no doctor said anything ? I will admit it is not very noticeable and I am an expert at hiding it, so that may play some part in my many doctors omissions. All of my life I have thought I just had a freaky little inward dip in my chest, now I see that it could be much worse. In some of my research I have seen pictures of very deformed chests. It has made my posture bad, most of the time from my hiding it and some I think from the indentation. As I say mine is very slight, but it can be the cause of some of the muscle pain in y chest. I have printed out a lot of the facts to take to my doctor in a week.

Next was a stress test, why do they punish you under the guise of making you well ? They injected radioactive material in my IV, then did a series of x-rays, then I had to walk on a treadmill , then rest and have more x-rays taken. Thank you Dr. Mengele , this has to be one of his Nazi creations! After many tests and flirting with every doctor in sight I was told it was not my heart and given a prescription for 300 mg Zantac and told to go see my HIV doctor for a esophagus exam.

So I am home now!

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  1. POZ Guy said

    Welcome back 🙂

    Drop in to http://www.AIDSchat.org for a chat sometime 😉

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