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Gay Envy

Posted by pozlife on July 29, 2006

I wonder if homophobia is not in some part straight men being envious of gay men. A straight male friend and I had a talk last week, after he had seen “Cruising” for the first time.

The first thing he said was ” Its a fantasy right?

“What the murders”

“No the sex” He asked ?

“No there is that much sex and more out there” I said.

We began to talk and I found out that including his wife , he has slept with 5 women. When he asked me how many men I had sex with , I had to tell him more than I can remember and less than I hope to before I die. When my lover Mike and I first met I was young and it was the late 70’s. In the 70’s and 80’s most gay men may have had a lover but open relationships were the rule. Maybe even more so in the rural south, where it just did not look right for two guys of ” suspicious sexuality ” to be together all the time. Also Mike and I never made the leap to “lovers” until the late 80’s, while we always dated and often lived together, I could not get him to commit…it was strange that I , the much younger one wanted him to commit. It has something to do with my distant alcoholic father or so the psychologist in me thinks !

My friend could not believe me when I said even right now, I could go to Raliegh,Charlotte or Greensboro and have just about as much sex as I wanted . He then said ” but you have to pay for it,right?”

“Hell no ” I said

I told him that if you so wanted there would be no talk before sex , as a matter of fact most of the talking in these places was the grunts,groans and slurping of excited participants. If you struck out another would be along in a few minutes , and unless you want to ,there would be no talking after either and no invites home for bed and breakfast! The fact that a gay man could go out and have as much anonymous sex as he wanted was mind blowing to him.

As we talked my friend and I realized something. Men , straight or gay, still have that deep genetic need to spread seed . Maybe straight men are jealous because they don’t get the chance to “pollinate” that we gay men do. We all know that a lot of straight men have the 3 way fantasy , what if it were more ? An entire building of women who would have sex , ANY kind of sex that they wanted . No charge and no commitments!

Most straight people have no Idea what the sexual world of a gay man can be, not only that but a gay man has a choice of how he wants to pursue sex. I will admit that at times I have enjoyed the baths,bookstores,t-rooms,sex clubs,parking lots, parks and all the other sexually charged situations. I think that it is both a part of youth and a fringe benefit of the gay world……we gotta have a few or the recruitment process would never work!

After a joint my friend admitted to some jealousies. He said most straight men can only dream of the kinda of sexual networks that gay men have. Most were born out of need , what goes on behind closed doors can’t get you’re ass in the slammer and all. Then we started to use sex to almost an act of protest. That old “we gather to do what you so forbid” and by doing so we spit in the face of all you’re rules. I think that the quick no verbal sex came from the need to get it done and get it done fast , before we get caught.

I am not saying that every gay man has done this, but most of us know that it is out there! So just maybe some homophobia is homoenvy?

Sure there was all of that free love and peace in the straight world, I think that gay men took it too another level. Yes, you will find a few swingers clubs , but nothing exists as big as on the scope and scale of the gay sex club community.

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War and Kidney Stones

Posted by pozlife on July 22, 2006

Well I have not posted in a few days because I have yet another kidney stone, I am passing one about every 4 to 6 weeks now. My doctor is going to put me on something that might work to stop them, I am tired of pissing rocks. For now I am just riding the painkiller wave, watching a lot of TV and being intimate with my heating pad. I have become addicted to the news channels, the world is about to split at its axis. Now the middle east is a boiling pot of religious inclement ( flamed by us, now where are those WOMD’s at? ) then we have that crazy muchkin in North Korea with atomic aspirations and to top it off our very own war mongering demigod! Go on now ask daddy if he is proud. All this ,while our very own home land has still hemorrhaging wounds from Katrina….I am ashamed that my beloved south still looks like a war zone! Well I have rambled a bit, off to the land of nod!

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ELECTION 2006 Democrat for Senate: Death penalty for practicing ‘gays’

Posted by pozlife on July 17, 2006

Candidate says incumbent Republican not advocating biblical values enough

© 2006 WorldNetDaily.com

Merrill Keiser

A Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate in Ohio wants to make homosexual behavior a capital crime punishable by the death penalty.

Merrill Keiser Jr. is a trucker with no political experience, but he hopes to beat fellow Democrat Rep. Sherrod Brown in the May primary. The winner will try to unseat Republican incumbent Sen. Mike DeWine, assuming he wins the GOP primary.

“Just like we have laws against murder, we have laws against stealing, we have laws against taking drugs – we should have laws against immoral conduct,” Keiser told WTOL-TV in Toledo.

Keiser, 61, says he’s running as a Democrat because that’s how he was registered the last time he voted.

The trucker, who hails from Fremont, Ohio, says there needs to be more adherence to biblical values in government, business and education – something he claims DeWine is not promoting.

“I believe that the United States has been moved in a Godless direction by the courts,” he told the Sandusky Register. “To get good men on the court, we need good senators.”

Some of Keiser’s other positions include defense of the Second Amendment, securing U.S. borders, lower taxes to stimulate the economy, support of Israel and prayer in public schools.

Keiser told the Register the United States should make conversion to Christianity part of the war on terror to teach Muslims the error of their choice in religion.

The candidate also decries evolution, saying it is contrary to the Declaration of Independence.

“The teaching of evolution works against the liberties we have in the United States,” he told the paper. If a person believe in evolution, he or she “has no rights,” he’s quoted saying.

He also opposes the United Nations, abortion on demand and thinks so-called global warming is a false concern.

Liberal blogger Deborah White was less than thrilled with Keiser’s candidacy and the media’s response to it.

“What if this hate-filled moron called for the execution of all blacks or all Jews?” she asked. “Would the public outcry be similarly subdued? Would the press still report it as a cute curiosity or merely an alternative viewpoint? Where is moral outrage in 2006?”

White speculated Keiser was planted by the GOP.

“He must be a Republican plant,” she wrote. “Please … someone tell me I’m correct.”

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FDA approves 1-a-day AIDS pill

Posted by pozlife on July 16, 2006

July 13, 2006, 1:22PM


Houston patients infected with HIV could start taking a one-a-day AIDS “cocktail” as early as next week, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which announced its approval of Atripla tablets Wednesday.

The availability of the drug, which combines three drugs made by two companies, was applauded by doctors and patients who say it will improve treatment and quality of life by making it easier to adhere to a life-saving medication regimen.


“This has been the holy grail of HIV treatment, really,” said Dr. Mark Kline, chief of retrovirology at Texas Children’s Hospital. “They’ve taken three drugs that, individually, are very, very good drugs, well-tolerated, safe and potent. This has been a long-sought-after goal.”

AIDS activist Keith Folger of Washington, D.C., who started on 36 pills a day about 11 years ago, said he plans to switch to the new pill. He recalled having to take pills every 2 1/2 hours and how some of them often stuck in his throat.

“It was just awful. Now all a doctor is going to have to say is, ‘I want you to take one of these before you go to bed,’ ” said Folger, who is leaving a position with the National Association of People with AIDS. “How easy is that?”

The drug also is expected to be a powerful weapon in the global AIDS fight, said U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt, who called it a “key breakthrough” in an FDA news release. Simplified drug regimens are easier to stick to, and, therefore, more effective and cheaper – an important consideration for developing nations hardest hit by HIV.

Atripla is a combination of drugs already on the market: Sustiva, made by Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Truvada, a drug from Gilead Sciences (actually a combination of two Gilead drugs called Viread and Emtriva).

Unprecedented alliance

The historic collaboration is the first of its kind in the field of HIV/AIDS, the FDA said. Bristol-Myers Squibb and Gilead formed a joint venture to commercialize the drug in the United States. Atripla was approved in three months under the FDA’s fast-track program.

The price of the new drug will be the sum of the components, or about $1,100 for a month’s supply, a spokeswoman for Gilead said. She said health insurance programs are expected to reimburse for Atripla at the same level as other HIV medications. In addition, the companies will work with public health programs, such as the Harris County Hospital District, to ensure low-income patients have access to the pill.

Dr. Roberto Andrade, a Baylor College of Medicine assistant professor who works with HIV patients at the hospital district’s Thomas Street Health Center, which sees about 4,000 patients a year, marveled at the drug companies’ cooperation. He said the effort created an unprecedented advance in terms of scaling back drug quantity unseen in any other medical field he could think of.

“Everybody benefits,” Andrade said. “We believe the best therapy for HIV is the therapy patients will take.”

Resistant HIV strain

Carl Mayberry, a physician assistant who works with Houston HIV specialist Dr. Joseph Gathe, who has a practice of about 2,500 patients, said patients have expressed an interest in the new pill.

He predicted Atripla will work best in people already taking the separate components or those just starting treatment. He said Houston physicians will need to be careful because 10 percent of newly infected individuals have a strain of the virus that is resistant to one of the drugs. Kline said the pill could be particularly useful for his young patients sensitive about standing out from their peers.

“Adolescents don’t want to be different in any way, and taking medication multiple times a day makes them different than other people their same age,” Kline said. “The easier the therapy, the less of an infringement on their sense of normalcy and the more likely they are to adhere.”

There are more than a million people living with HIV/AIDS in the United States, and approximately 16,000 in Harris County, according to the Houston Department of Health and Human Services.


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HIV Comes To Mayberry

Posted by pozlife on July 12, 2006

I was born and raised in North Carolina , the home of the Andy Griffith show and yes some of the places are real. Mount Pilot is Pilot Mountain, Raleigh,Siler City , Winston Salem, Charlotte and Greensboro are indeed real places . Pork-chop sandwiches are better than you would ever believe and barefoot walks to the fishin hole abound. I live in the bonnies where I was raised, about 45 minutes from Greensboro. An hour and 15 minutes from Raleigh and 2 hours from Charlotte , I am about 45 minutes from Asheboro the home of the state zoo.

I moved away for many years , looking for the gay Shangri-la as it were. After I found out that I was HIV POZ ,I just went wild. I just knew that death was not just knocking on my door ,it was tearing it from its very hinges. So I gloried in all that was gay , moved to a big city ( Atlanta ) and made sure that everyone knew that I was fun both standing and on my back. If I was gonna go it was gonna be as bright star turning supernova.

Having lived a life in Satan’s parlor for the last few years , I was ready to hit the big city. My lover of over 15 years had died . It was not the fact that he died but how he died. When he and I first started our off and on love affair , I was 16 and he was 30, I come from a home with a distant father and I like older men, plus he was built like a truck and ready to fuck. This was in the 70’s and we had good times I was young ..looked much younger and we both kind of did what we wanted. As years went by we slowed down and started to just see and be with each other. When AIDS hit we both got tested and were both negative. We had a long talk and we both agreed that if we fooled around with others it would be safe and we would not use condoms with each other, I will save you the trouble ..I was a dumb fuck.

In 1994 I got a call one day at work from Moses Cone hospital, my lover was in the hospital. It was April the 6th my moms birthday ( at one point I made a mistake and said he pass on her birthday ..sorry…pot was kickin’ in )..I arrived to see him talking to a doctor that he apparently knew very well. As the doctor turned to me I could see it all over his face. I left the room and his doctor emerged , he had no idea until that very afternoon that Mike had a lover and he had been seeing him for over 2 years ! I went with him straight down to the clinic and had the first of many blood draws….We talked and I found out that Mikes parents knew as well , but their small town would just not hear of an AIDS stricken man in their midst. They later told me they didn’t like to talk about it and they could not have kept Mike in their home if he became ill for long periods of time. I was just going to be their nurse and fuck me if I got sick…I deserved it. They once told me the reason they never felt bad is because we met in a bar and I said well the church bathrooms were just not as active anymore. I have to say I hate them…

Mike died on April the 18th , his service was held on the 20th. My doctor ( Mikes old one and still mine to this very day ) had put a rush on my tests, I think my Tcells were 225 and my viral load was about 800,000 . For a long time I was a walking basket case. Mom and Dad did all they could, but I knew I was going to be they next soylent green and that was that. The next year and a half brought more news of Mikes rampant wanderings, one night I was awakened at 2 AM by a drunk child ( he was 15 ) who rode into town on his bike to get a blow job from my dead lover! I had to travel a lot for my job and after mike died, it all came out. It turns out he was more into how young I looked , not the person I was……I think he was a pedophile! I to this day am haunted by why I never saw this before, I thought he shaved me because he thought the act of shaving me was erotic, it turns out it was the no pubes ! I found out all about the sex parties, the nights spent at bookstores. I actually had one guy tell me that my lover was the hottest piece of ass he had ever had and then went on to tell me a story about how Mike bottomed for 18 men at a party one night….bareback. Most of the stories that I have heard are ones of bareback sex.

So I moved to the big peach, I needed to get a little juice out of live , but all I got was the pit. After a little over a year in Atlanta , I had lost down to about 130 lbs and on this 5’11” frame it was telling. The strange thing was I had to beat the guys off with a stick at the bars! I had only been home a few times , even when I was living in Greensboro I made rare and infrequent tips home. In my mind at that time , gay and country could not walk hand in hand. Mom and Dad told me they did not want to watch me kill myself , my HIV doctor told me if things did not change I would be dead in less than a year . This was 1997 , I knew that it was true, but I did not care.

Then I had an epiphany ,I deiced that I wanted to live. Now every small southern town has it eccentrics and a few well know gay men ( Gomer get me some gas and check the lube while you are at it ). I think lesbians have it better , good ol’ boys can relate to them ( well maybe not Tina Brandon ). I got some land beside Mom and Dad , built a house and moved back to Mayberry.

I do not hide my sexuality or my HIV status and most people treat me like everyone else , I have roots here and I try to treat people with respect. I look like my Dad , be that good or bad. So most people know who I am , even if they don’t know me. Would I walk down main street in a tutu singing “its raining men” , no but I wouldn’t do that in a big city either. I have always been a guy who hated those queer saying and actions, I like to be seen as a man first, my sexuality is not foremost in my actions. If I called a gay friend girl or Miss. Thing…..well lets just say they would rush me to the nearest hospital, because something would be wrong.

I had one encounter the woman who has been cutting my hair for years, one day just right out of the blue asked me what HIV meds I was on. She and I had never talked about HIV, I took it in stride and informed her as best as I could about HIV/AIDs. As we talked I realized that this was a good thing, she was open to the conversation and ask intelligent questions. Any gossip in town finds its way to her chair , so I wanted to be as informative as I could be.

The only drawback of being here is I have to go to Greensboro for my Doctor , I do have a local doctor that sees me in case of an emergency. My Greensboro doctor is the head of infectious disease at Moses Cone ( a teaching hospital ). Last week was my blood draw ( about two weeks before my appointment) , as I sat down I noticed the cute gay couple waiting for their appointment. That is what hurts, I would love to be in a relationship. As Mayberry opens up its secrets to me, I become more positive that it may happen, maybe I need to hang around at Floyd’s barber shop more often……

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Scientists Turn Stem Cells Into Disease-Fighting T-Cells

Posted by pozlife on July 9, 2006

Achievement could be a milestone for AIDS research, they say

By Robert Preidt

TUESDAY, July 4 (HealthDay News) — U.S. researchers have found a way to genetically manipulate human embryonic stem cells so they grow into mature disease-fighting T-cells — a discovery they say might help in the development of gene therapy against AIDS.

T-cells are one the of the body’s main defenses against disease. In this study, researchers demonstrated that it is possible to convert embryonic stem cells into blood-forming stem cells that, in turn, can turn into the helper T-cells. These are the T-cells that are specifically targeted by HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

The study was conducted by a team from the University of California, Los Angeles, AIDS Institute and the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Medicine.

The findings, published this week in the online edition of the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , mark the first time scientists have been able to derive T-cells out of human embryonic stem cells.

“This tells you that you may be able to use human embryonic stem cells to treat T-cell and other blood diseases,” lead researcher Zoran Galic, an assistant research biologist, said in a prepared statement. “This could be a very important weapon in the fight against AIDS.”

The human embryonic stem cells were incubated on mouse bone marrow support cells, which converted the embryonic stem cells into blood-forming cells. These blood-forming cells were then injected into a human thymus gland that had been implanted in a mouse. The thymus gland converted the blood-forming cells into T-cells.

The thymus, located just above the heart in humans, is where T-cells develop.

The study results suggest it’s possible to decipher the signals that control the development of embryonic stem cells into T-cells, noted study co-author Jerome Zack, associate director of the UCLA AIDS Institute.

“That way we can eventually repopulate the immune system in patients needing T-cells,” Zack said in a prepared statement.

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Calif. court expands HIV responsibility

Posted by pozlife on July 7, 2006

By PAUL ELIAS, Associated Press Writer Mon Jul 3, 11:34 PM ET

SAN FRANCISCO – The California Supreme Court ruled Monday that people who lead high-risk sexual lives have good reason to know they may be infected with the virus that causes AIDS and are responsible for informing partners about possible exposure.

The 4-3 ruling in the case of a woman who accused her ex-husband of giving her HIV on their honeymoon is the court’s first involving allegations of negligent HIV infection. It makes those with “constructive knowledge” – people who should know by their behavior and other signs that they could be infected – legally liable for infecting others.

A federal court in Michigan is the only other jurisdiction to rule similarly, in a 1993 case involving former NBA star Earvin “Magic” Johnson, who tested positive for HIV in 1991.

Justice Marvin Baxter, writing the majority opinion, said, “Society has an overriding policy of preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, especially HIV, which would be enhanced by imposing a duty of care on those who have reason to know they are infected with HIV.”

The emotional distress and fraud lawsuit was filed four years ago by a woman identified only as Bridget B. against a man identified as John B.

Bridget and John last had intercourse during their honeymoon, court papers said. John told her that he was monogamous and disease-free and insisted on having unprotected sex.

Bridget tested HIV-positive in October 2000, and John was found to be positive shortly after.

In December 2001, John told Bridget that he had had sex with men, according to court documents. She sued him, and he countersued, accusing her of infecting him.

In her lawsuit, Bridget demanded to know the names and addresses of all John B.’s gay sex partners in the 10 years before their wedding in July 2000. The court ruled that if she can show that an HIV test John B. took as part of an insurance policy was faulty or unreliable, she could ask for a more detailed sexual history.

Her attorney didn’t return a telephone call Monday.

Three of the court’s seven judges wrote dissents. Two justices said it was unfair to punish those who didn’t know for sure that they had HIV. Another warned of potential ” ‘shakedown’ or vengeance lawsuits” brought to win lucrative settlements or embarrass a former sexual partner.

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AIDS Speaker Charged With Feigning Illness

Posted by pozlife on July 7, 2006

07.05.2006, 12:57 AM

A woman who traveled the lecture circuit with her account of being raped and infected with AIDS as a child has been charged with defrauding the state of Pennsylvania of $66,000 by falsely claiming to have the disease.

Cassey Weierbach, 27, was arraigned Friday on charges of theft by deception, forgery, tampering with records and making false statements.

She has told her story for years to news reporters, churches, youth groups and medical conferences. But in June, The Morning Call newspaper of Allentown published a story in which a pastor accused Weierbach of duping her congregation.

Weierbach told the newspaper for that story that the pastor, the Rev. Lois Randolph, was lying about her because the pastor was upset to learn that Weiberch was romantically involved with another woman.

“It seems like she is going to make my life living hell,” Weierbach said. “Do you hate me so much because I’m gay that you are willing to destroy my life?”

Randolph denied Weierbach’s allegation.

Arrest records state that Weierbach used fabricated laboratory records to indicate she had AIDS so she could receive medical benefits in 2003.

She also provided false information in 2004 and 2005 to at least three area doctors, one of whom became suspicious after Weierbach refused AIDS medications, according to an affidavit.

Weierbach, free on $25,000 bail, did not have a listed telephone, and it was unclear whether she had a lawyer.

the Rev. Lois Randolph

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Truth or Consequences

Posted by pozlife on July 3, 2006

Yesterday I watched Brokeback Mountain for the first time, I know I am the only homo in the world who had not seen it ! Mom went to see it , but I think I was sick and it only stayed in our small blip on the map for a few days. It was strange while watching it I thought of a game show that was on when I was a kid it was called ” Truth or Consequences “. I think that the contestant came out and told the semi star studded panel something about themselves. If it was a lie and they guessed that it was, the contestant then had to do a funny stunt. This was not fear factor days , so it was a lame stunt involving balloons or lightweight paper…you get the idea.

I began to think about how as homosexuals most of us lie , even before we know what homosexuality is , most of us know society scorns us. Not all, but a select few are lucky enough to grow up in safe homes, where sexuality is not an issue. Those of us who do not quickly learn to lie. These lies grow bigger as we age , from the ” people ” that we date that no one ever sees , to the gender of our first sexual partner on that day when we glow and everyone knows something has changed.

Being a good lier takes practice and is a learned trait. Fear not Obie-wan for the force is with us , that unseen force that tells our bodies who to respond to and our survival instinct tells us to weave great stories out of midnight trysts. These lies cause great harm not only to the fabricator but to friends and family as well. Often the lies go so far as marriage and even the production of children , most doomed to failure.

Those lies in turn make it hopeless for us to have full relationships with people. Some of us begin to lie even to the people we have no need to lie to. Why, because it becomes part of the very fabric of our daily lives, we use one lie to cover another. It becomes the way we deal with all aspects of our lives, it is a shield between us and the world.

In keeping with our lies we have sex in quick out of the way places, where no one knows our name nor are they about to ask. Our basic animal need overcoming us, to a point where all caution is tossed to the wind . Only to be blown back in our faces when the encounter ends, leaving us desiring true love , not just lust filled sex. Some of us never know true love, instead we have a kind of half love that fills rooms but never enters a crowd.

If we did not live in a society that governs its morals by a book of fables , fables used in the guise of religion. With only some of the fables marked as true, others just overlooked. As it is so many of us can’t broadcast our love, instead it is whispered in dark corners and answered with guileful glances. If the day ever comes when homosexual is not a word of curse and scorn to so many, will deception for the sake of homosexual love stop ?

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WHO Murdered Africa (The Man Made Origin of AIDS)

Posted by pozlife on July 1, 2006


WHO Murdered Africa (The Man Made Origin of AIDS) (EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was written and published by Dr. Douglass in 1987)

There is no question mark after the title of this article because the title is not a question. It’s a declarative statement.

WHO, the World Health Organisation, murdered Africa with the AIDS virus. That’s a provocative statement isn’t it?

The answer to this little mystery, Murder on the WHO express, will be quite clear to you by the end of my report. You will also understand why the other suspects, the homosexuals, the green monkey and the Haitians, were only pawns in this virocidal attack on the non-Communist world.

If you believe the government propaganda that AIDS is hard to catch then you are going to die even sooner than the rest of us. The common cold is a virus. Have you ever had a cold? How did you catch it? You don’t really know, do you? If the cold virus were fatal how many people would there be left in the world?

Yellow fever is a virus. You catch it from mosquito bites.

Malaria is a parasite also carried by mosquitoes. It is many times larger than the AIDS virus (like comparing a pinhead to a moose head), yet the mosquito easily carries this large organism to man.

The tuberculosis germ, also much larger than the AIDS virus, can be transmitted by fomites (inanimate objects such as towels). The AIDS virus can live as long as ten days on a dry plate. So, are you worried about your salad in a restaurant that employs homosexuals? You’d better be.

You can’t understand this murder mystery and you wouldn’t believe my conclusions unless you learn a little virology. I’ll make it as painless as possible.

Many viruses grow in animals and many grow in humans but most of the viruses that affect animals don’t affect humans. There are exceptions, of course, such as yellow fever and small pox.

There are some viruses in animals that cause very lethal cancer in those animals, but do not affect man or other animals. The bovine leukaemia virus (BLV), for example, is lethal to cows but not humans. There is another virus that occurs in sheep called sheep visna virus which is also non-reactive in man. These deadly viruses are “retro viruses” meaning that they can change the genetic composition of cells that they enter.

The World Health Organisation in published articles, called for scientists to work with these deadly agents and attempt to make a hybrid virus that would be deadly to humans. In the bulletin of the World Health Organisation WHO), Volume 47, p.259, 1972, they said, “An attempt should be made to see if viruses can in fact exert selective effects on immune function. The possibility should be looked into that the immune response to the vims itself may be impaired if the infecting virus damages, more or less selectively, the cell responding to the virus.”

That’s AIDS. What the WHO is saying in plain English is “Let’s cook up a virus that selectively destroys the T-cell system of man, an acquired immune deficiency.”

Why would anyone want to do this? If you destroy the T-cell system of man you destroy man. Is it even remotely possible that the World Health Organisation would want to develop a virus that would wipe out the human race?

If their new viruses creation worked, the WHO stated, then many terrible and fatal infectious viruses could be made even more terrible and more malignant. Does this strike you as being a peculiar goal for a health organisation? The thought occurred to me.

Sometimes I believe in conspiracies and sometimes I don’t. It depends on the subject. (Was there a conspiracy to kill President Kennedy? If you don’t think so, then you must be a dumb liberal.) My attitude toward some alleged conspiracies, the Federal Reserve for instance, depends on what I had for breakfast.

But it doesn’t take a bad breakfast to see an amazing concatenation of events involving Russian and Chinese communist nationals, the World Health Organisation, the National Cancer Institute and the AIDS pandemic.

But what about the green monkey? Some of the best virologists in the world and many of those directly involved in AIDS research, such as Robert Gallo and Luc Montagnier, have said that the green monkey may be the culprit. You know the story: A green monkey bit a native on the ass and, bam — AIDS all over central Africa.

There is a fatal flaw here. It is very strange. Because Gallo, Montagnier and those other virologists know that the AIDS virus doesn’t occur naturally in monkeys. In fact it doesn’t occur naturally in any animal.

AIDS started practically simultaneously in the United States, Haiti, Brazil and Central Africa. (Was the green monkey a jet pilot?) Examination of the gene structure of the green monkey cells proves that it is not genetically possible to transfer the AIDS virus from monkeys to man by natural means.

Because of the artificial nature of the AIDS virus it will not easily transfer from man to man until it has become very concentrated in the body fluids through repeated injections from person to person, such as drug addicts, and through high multiple partner sexuality such as takes place in Africa, among homosexuals and among native American Indians. After repeated transfer it can become a “natural” infection for man, which it has.

Dr. Theodore Strecker’s research of the literature indicates that the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in collaboration with the World Health Organisation made the AIDS virus in their laboratories at Fort Detrick (now NCI). They combined the deadly retroviruses, bovine leukaemia virus and sheep visna virus, and injected them into human tissue cultures. The result was the AIDS virus, the first human retrovirus known to man and now believed to be 100 percent fatal to those infected.

The momentous plague that we now face was anticipated by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), in 1974 when they recommended that “Scientists throughout the world join the members of this committee in voluntarily deferring experiments (linking) animal viruses.”

What the NAS is saying in carefully guarded English is: “For God’s sake stop this madness!” Man went over the edge when he started playing God and started growing human tissue in the laboratory.

We’ve let the green monkey off the hook. How about the communists! In my original monograph on AIDS, before Dr. Strecker alerted me to the scientific absurdities being put on the American people, I said: “After the holocaust has run its course, and we’ve buried 10 or 20 million young people, who will protect us? If we are faced with an invasion from a Communist Mexico, aided by Communist Nicaragua and Cuba, who will defend the Rio Grande? Wouldn’t it be ironic if the godless Russians and other communist countries, because of their Victorian attitude toward sex and their severe repression of homosexuality, escaped most of the ravages of the AIDS epidemic and took us over by simply walking across the Mexican border?”

I wouldn’t change a word of that. But it was based on my natural paranoia toward the Communists, having observed the way they operate for 40 years. Besides, they are saying that AIDS is a “capitalist plot.” That really got me suspicious because, as any student of the communist conspiracy knows they always blame others for what they are in the process of doing.

And what they are in the process of doing is conducting germ warfare from Fort Detrick, Maryland against the free world, especially in the United States, even using foreign communist agents with the United States Army’s germ warfare unit euphemistically called the Army Infectious Disease Unit.


Can you imagine that? A UN-WHO communist Trojan horse in our biological warfare centre with the full blessings of the Jimmy Carters of this world?

I can assure you that the creation of the AIDS virus by the WHO was not just a diabolical scientific exercise that got out of hand. It was a cold-blooded successful attempt to create a killer virus which was then used in a successful experiment in Africa. So successful in fact that most of central Africa may be wiped out, 75,000,000 dead within 3-5 years.

It was not an accident. It was deliberate. In the Federation Proceedings of the United States in 1972, WHO said: “In relation to the immune response a number of experimental approaches can be visualised”. They suggested that a neat way to do this would be to put their new killer virus (AIDS) into a vaccination program, sit back and observe the results. “This would be particularly informative in sibships,” they said. That is, give the AIDS virus to brothers and sisters and see if they die, who dies first and of what, just like using rats in a laboratory.

They used small pox vaccine for their vehicle and the geographical sites chosen in 1972 were Uganda and other African states, Haiti, Brazil and Japan. The present or recent past of AIDS epidemiology coincides with these geographical areas.

Dr. Strecker points out that even if the African green monkey could transmit AIDS to humans, the present known amount of infection in Africa makes it statistically impossible for a single episode, such as a monkey biting someone on the butt, to have brought this epidemic to this point. The doubling time of the number of people infected, about every 14 months, when correlated with the first known case and the present known number of cases, prove beyond a doubt that a large number of people had to have been infected at the same time. Starting in 1972 with the first case from our mythical monkey and doubling the number infected from the single source you get only a few thousand cases. From 1972 to 1987 is 15 years or 180 months. If it takes 14 months to double the number of cases then there would have been 13 doublings, one then 2, then 4, then 8, etc. In 15 years, from a single source of infection there would be about 8,000 cases in Africa, not 75 million. We are approaching World War II mortality statistics here — without a shot being fired.

Dr. Theodore A. Strecker is the courageous doctor who unraveled this conundrum, the greatest murder mystery of all time. He should get the Nobel prize but he’ll be lucky not to get “suicided”. (“Prominent California doctor ties his hands behind his back and, hangs himself, and jumps from the 20th floor. There was no evidence of foul play.”)

Strecker was employed as a consultant to work on a health proposal for Security Pacific Bank. He was to estimate the cost of the health care for the future. Should they form a health maintenance organisation? (HMO) was a major issue. After investigating the current medical market he advised against the HMO because he found that the AIDS epidemic will in all probability bankrupt the nation’s medical system.

He became fascinated with all the peculiar scientific anomalies concerning AIDS that kept cropping up. Why did the “experts keep talking about green monkeys and homosexuals being the culprits when it was obvious that the AIDS virus was a man-made virus? Why did they say that it was a homosexual and drug-user disease when in Africa it was obviously a heterosexual disease? If the green monkey did it, then why did AIDS explode practically simultaneously in Africa, Haiti, Brazil, the United States and southern Japan?

Why, when it was proposed to the National Institute of Health that the AIDS virus was a combination of two bovine or sheep viruses cultures in human cells in a laboratory, did they say it was “bad science” when that’s exactly what occurred?

As early as 1970 the World Health Organisation was growing these deadly animal viruses in human tissue cultures. Cedric Mims, in 1981, said in a published article that there was a bovine virus contaminating the culture media of the WHO. Was this an accident or a “non-accident”? If it was an accident why did WHO continue to use the vaccine?

This viral and genetic death bomb, AIDS, was finally produced in 1974. It was given to monkeys and they died of pneumocystis cami, which is typical of AIDS.

Dr. R.J. Biggar said in Lancet: “… The AIDS agent… could not have originated de novo.” That means in plain English that it didn’t come out of thin air, AIDS was engineered in a laboratory by urologists. It couldn’t engineer itself. As Doctor Strecker so colourfully puts it: “If a person has no arms or legs and shows up at a party in a tuxedo, how did he get dressed? Somebody dressed him.”

There are 9,000 to the fourth power possible AIDS viruses. (There are 9,000 base pairs on the genome.) So the fun has just begun. Some will cause brain rot similar to the sheep virus, some leukaemia-like diseases from the cow virus and some that won’t do anything. So the virus will be constantly changing and trying out new esoteric diseases on hapless man. We’re only at the beginning.

Because of the trillions of possible genetic combinations, there will never be a vaccine. Even if they could develop a vaccine they would undoubtedly give us something equally bad as they did with the polio vaccine (cancer of the brain), the swine flu vaccine (a polio-like disease), the smallpox vaccine (AIDS), and the hepatitis vaccine (AIDS).

There are precedents. This is not the first time the virologists have brought us disaster. SO-40 virus from monkey cell cultures contaminated polio cultures. Most people in their 40s are now carrying this virus through contaminated polio inoculations given in the early 60s. It is known to cause brain cancer which explains the increase in this disease that we have seen in the past ten years.

This is the origin of the green monkey theory. The polio vaccine was grown on green monkey kidney cells and the geniuses who brought us polio vaccine said: “We got away with it once so let’s use it again.” But they didn’t get away with it and in spite of the fact that polio was rapidly disappearing without any medical intervention, 64 million Americans were vaccinated with SV-40 contaminated vaccine in the 60s. An increase in cancer of the brain, possibly multiple sclerosis and God only knows what else is the tragic result. The delay between vaccination and the onset of cancer with this virus is as long as 20-30 years. 1965 plus 20 equals 1985. Get the picture?

The SV-40 virus gave rise to two more viruses which are very active in AIDS patients. Most young children and young adults have received the SV-40 inoculation from polio vaccination. Primary multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML), brain rot, has been added to the burden of homosexuals who certainly had enough to bear having been given AIDS through hepatitis B vaccine.

The final piece of the puzzle is how AIDS devastated the homosexual population in the United States. It wasn’t from smallpox vaccination as in Africa because we don’t do that any more. There is no smallpox in the United States and so vaccination was discontinued.

Although some AIDS has been brought to the United States from Haiti by homosexuals, (it used to be one of their favourite “play-grounds”), it would not be enough to explain the explosion of AIDS that occurred simultaneously with the African and Haitian epidemics.

The AIDS virus didn’t exist in the United States before 1978. You can check back in any hospital and no stored blood samples were found anywhere that exhibit the AIDS virus before that date.

What happened in 1978 and beyond to cause AIDS to burst upon the scene and devastate the homosexual segment of our population? It was the introduction of the hepatitis-B vaccine which exhibits the exact epidemiology of AIDS.

A Doctor W. Schmugner, born in Poland and educated in Russia, came to this country in 1969. His immigration to the U.S. was probably the most fateful immigration in our history. He, by unexplained process, became head of the New York City blood bank.

(How does a Russian trained doctor become head of one of the largest blood banks in the world? Doesn’t that strike you as peculiar?) — He set up the rules for the hepatitis vaccine studies. Only males between the ages of 20 and 40, who were not monogamous, would be allowed to participate in this study.

Can you think of any reason, other than the desire to spread something among the population, for insisting that all experimentees be promiscuous? Maybe you don’t believe in the communist conspiracy theory but give me some other logical explanation. Schmugner is now dead and his diabolical secret went with him.

The hepatitis vaccine, unlike the AIDS vaccine, was not grown from human tissue culture. So accidental contamination didn’t occur. The AIDS virus was probably put in the vaccine deliberately. It was no mistake. The Centre for Disease Control reported in 1981 that four percent of those receiving the hepatitis-vaccine were AIDS-infected. In 1984 they admitted to 60 percent. Now they refuse to give out figures at all because they don’t want to admit that 100 percent of hepatitis vaccine receivers are infected with AIDS.

Where is the data on the hepatitis vaccine studies? FDA? CDC? No, the U.S. Department of Justice has it buried where you will never see it.

I have always said, and our forefathers told us this, that the greatest threat to the people is always government. Not foreign governments, but our own government. What has the government told us about AIDS?

* It is a homosexual disease — homosexuals certainly spread it but the primary responsibility wasn’t theirs.

* It’s related to anal intercourse only — wrong.

* Only a small percentage of those testing positive for AIDS would get the disease — wrong.

* It came from the African green monkey — wrong.

* It came from the cytomegalovirus — wrong.

* It was due to popping amyl nitrate with sex — wrong.

* It was started 400 years ago by the Portuguese — wrong. (It started 1n 1972).

* You can’t get it from mosquitos — wrong

* The virus can’t live outside the body — wrong.

The head of the Human Leukaemia Research Group at Harvard is a veterinarian. Dr. Judd, International Agency for Research on Cancer, the agency that requested the production of the virus in the first place, is also a veterinarian. The leukaemia research he is conducting is being done under the auspices of a school of veterinary medicine.

Now there is nothing wrong with being a vet but, as we have pointed out, the AIDS virus is a human virus. You can’t test these viruses in animals and you can’t test leukaemia in them either. It doesn’t work. So why would your government give Judd, a veterinarian, eight and one-half million dollars to study leukaemia in a veterinarian college? As long as we are being used as experimental animals maybe it’s appropriate.

The London Times should be congratulated for uncovering the smallpox/AIDS connection. But their expose was very misleading. The article states that the African AIDS epidemic was caused by the smallpox vaccine “triggering” AIDS in those vaccinated.

Dr. Robert Gallo, who has been mixed up in some very strange scientific snafus, supports this theory. Whether the infection of 75 million Africans was deliberate or accidental can be debated but there is no room for debate about whether the smallpox shots “awakened the unsuspected virus infection”. There is absolutely no scientific evidence that this laboratory engineered virus was present in Africa when they descended upon these hapless people in 1977 with their deadly AIDS-laced vaccine. The AIDS virus didn’t come from Africa. It came from Fort Detrik Maryland, U.S.A.

The situation is extremely desperate and the medical profession is too frightened and cowed (as usual) to take any action. Dr. Strecker attempted to mobilise the doctors through some of the most respected medical journals in the world. The prestigious Annals of Internal Medicine said that his material “appears to be entirely concerned with matters of virology” and so try some other publication.

In his letter to this medical publication Strecker said, “If correct human experimental procedures had been followed we would not find half of the world stumbling off on the wrong path to the cure for AIDS with the other half of the world covering up the origination of the damned disease. It appears to me that your Annals of Internal medicine is participating in the greatest fraud ever perpetrated.”

I guess they didn’t like that so Strecker submitted his sensational and mind-boggling letter with all of the proper documentation to the British journal Lancet.

Their reply: “Thank you for that interesting letter on AIDS. I am sorry to have to report that we will not be able to publish it. We have no criticism” but their letter section was “overcrowded with submissions.” They’re too crowded to announce the end of western civilisation and possibly all mankind? I don’t think that’s reasonable.

What can we do?

The first thing that should be done is close down all laboratories in this country that are dealing with these deadly retro-viruses.

Then we must sort out the insane, irresponsible and traitorous scientists involved in these experiments and try them for murder. Then maybe, just maybe, we can re-staff the laboratories with loyal Americans who will work to save a remnant of people to re-populate and re-civilize the world.



Thank you for requesting this information. We have a story to tell you, a very strange story, one that affects you, me, and every of the human being on earth. A story that must be taken seriously by the governments of every nation in the world because there may not be many humans left to govern by the turn of the century, or shortly thereafter. A story so bizarre, and so sinister that, if it were not for the fact that it is all true, it would make a great science fiction thriller. (Interestingly enough, Lorimar Pictures of Hollywood has purchased the rights to Dr. Strecker’s life story.)

The story begins in 1983 with Dr. Robert B. Strecker, M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Strecker practises internal medicine and gastroenterology in Los Angeles. He is a trained pathologist and also holds a Ph.D. in pharmacology. Dr. Strecker and his brother, Ted, an attorney, were preparing a proposal for a health maintenance organisation (HMO) for Security Pacific Bank of California. They needed to know the long-term financial effects of insuring and treating AIDS patients. In as much as this information was not readily available in 1983, both brothers began researching the medical literature to learn what they could about this relatively new disease. The information they uncovered right from the beginning was so startling to them, so hard to believe, that it would dramatically alter both their lives and lead them on a five year quest culminating with the creation of “The Strecker Memorandum,” the most controversial video tape of our time, and a remarkable set of documents called “The Bioattack Alert.”


Right there in the medical literature for anyone to read for themselves was, basically, proof that the AIDS virus and pandemic was actually PREDICTED years ago by a world famous virologist, among others. They found that top scientists writing in the Bulletin of the World Health Organisation (WHO) were actually REQUESTING that AIDS — like viruses be created to study the effects on humans. In fact, the Streckers unearthed thousands of documents all supporting the man-made origin of AIDS. Meanwhile, the government was telling everyone that a green monkey in Africa bit some native and started AIDS. As their research continued, it became obvious from the documentation that the virus itself was not only created as requested, but actually DEPLOYED, and now threatens the existence of mankind because it does what it was designed to do: cause cancer in humans via a contagious virus. Eventually the Streckers came to realize everything the government, the so-called AIDS experts and media were telling the public was not only misleading, but out and out lies. The truth of the matter is: AIDS is a man-made disease; AIDS is not a homosexual disease; AIDS is not a venereal disease; AIDS can be carried by mosquitoes; Condoms will not prevent AIDS; There are a least six different AIDS viruses loose in the world; There will never be a vaccine cure; And on and on, but…


The most dreaded fear that all Oncologists (cancer doctors), Virologists, and Immunologists live with is that some day CANCER, in one form or another, will become a contagious disease, transferable from one person to another. AIDS has now made fear a reality. If you think you are safe because you are not gay or promiscuous, or because you are not sexually active, then you must watch “The Strecker very carefully.


The most common misconception being foisted upon us right now concerns sexually active Americans. We are told that if a man uses a condom the transference of the deadly virus is virtually eliminated. Nothing could be further from the truth. Of the body fluids that the AIDS virus is found in, semen is the least. As a matter of fact, in every single study ever published on the subject, no one has found a significant amount in anyone’s semen. It just isn’t there in huge numbers. There is usually only about one virus per millilitre, a statistically irrelevant amount. One copious ejaculation might produce only one or two viruses. This is substantiated in the medical literature. But, just for argument’s sake, let’s say all the medical studies are wrong. Let’s pretend that there are countless millions of AIDS viruses in the ejaculation. Are you aware that condoms are riddled with microscopic or larger holes? Studies show that even the smallest holes found in condoms are two to ten times larger than the AIDS virus. It’s like shooting a golf ball through a basketball hoop. Condoms have not, will not, and cannot prevent AIDS.


Fifty thousand Americans have already died because they didn’t know the truth about AIDS. Between twelve and fifteen million Americans have already been infected. One in 60 babies born in New York City is infected; one in 300 college students in America is infected; one in 20 aliens applying for amnesty is infected, including men, women and children. These are just some of the facts you are not likely to hear about from the media.


One of the first things the Streckers did was to try and tell their medical and legal colleagues what they were finding in literature. Some were interested; most were not. Certainly no one was prepared to risk their professional standing by making waves within the establishment. Ted Strecker compiled some of the most damaging documents into a report he called “The Bioalert Attack” and sent it to every Governor of every state, the President, the VICE-PRESIDENT (now President), the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and selected members of Congress. He got a grand total of three replies from three governors; nothing from the government. Both he and Dr. Strecker were laughed at and ridiculed at every turn. As an example, Dr. Strecker told the government in 1985 that virtually every person testing positive for AIDS would die prematurely and painfully. The government said that was nonsense. Their figures showed that maybe ten percent at most would die from the disease. In 1986, the government said maybe 50 percept of those infected would die, in 1987 they said maybe 75 percent, in 1988 they finally agreed with Dr. Strecker that AIDS is virtually 100 percent fatal. We could go on with facts Dr. Strecker unearthed that the “experts” said were wrong and now accepted as the truth. Dr. Strecker, like a good scientist, submitted paper after paper with his findings to all the prestigious medical journals in America. They were refused. He then tried having his findings published in Europe. Again, closed doors. What to do? Dr. Strecker did not feel he could take the time from his practice and his research to write a book. On the other hand, everyone has a TV and now most households have a video cassette recorder (VCR). The time involved to make a video is nothing compared to writing a book, and so the video “The Strecker Memorandum” was created. It is 96 minutes of the most startling, controversial, and information packed video you will ever see. It disputes virtually everything the American public is being told by the government, the so-called AIDS experts and the media. In fact, after seeing it YOU will know more about AIDS than 99 percent of all doctors in America.


With the video made, it seemed a simple matter to advertise it and the world would now become aware of what it was facing, right? WRONG! The fact that you are even reading about “The Strecker Memorandum” now is a minor miracle by itself, in as much as TV stations have refused to advertise it. TV and radio time brokers that sell blocks of commercial time have refused to sell us time. TV station managers have refused to even air programs containing interviews with Dr. Strecker. A national radio network did an interview with a famous talk show host and Dr. Strecker and then refused to run it. Virtually every big name network television magazine show and all the syndicated TV interviewers and talk show hosts have said NO to Dr. Strecker. Big city newspapers will not take any print ads telling about it, and so it goes…WHY? What is in “The Strecker Memorandum” that sends a cold chill down the spine of most media executives?


The excuse that we hear over and over is that it is too controversial. TOO CONTROVERSIAL? They say that this information, if widely disseminated, will cause the public to panic. If someone had poisoned your water supply and you and your family could die, wouldn’t you want to know about it? Would you panic? Or would you more likely be outraged and try to find out who did it and punish them? We feel the only persons who might panic are those scientists who willingly or otherwise created AIDS and are now promoting misinformation by covering it up. After all, if you made AIDS would you tell anyone about it?


The number of AIDS infected people is doubling approximately every 14 months, and in some areas even sooner. With twelve to fifteen million Americans carrying the virus, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see how long we have here in the U.S. Africa has, conservatively, 75 million infected; some estimates double that. Brazil as a country is in serious jeopardy because all through the 1970’s they were buying their blood supply from Africa. On top of that, the World Health Organisation (WHO) conducted a large scale small pox vaccination program there in the 1970’s (for the full implications of that see “The Strecker Memorandum”). Southern Japan has about 30 percent infected with HTLV I, the leukaemia causing virus (although you will never hear about that on TV). Russia is now reporting AIDS as a problem and no one can enter Russia permanently without a current negative blood test for AIDS. Cuba has already set up concentration camps for AIDS infected and they are full (you won’t see that on TV either). Haiti of course is ravaged by AIDS; more than 15 percent of the people infected and getting worse every day. And so it goes. Virtually every nation on earth with few exceptions (Iran is one) is reporting a growing problem. It’s on every continent, every subcontinent, and every island chain, Atlantic and Pacific. So why won’t the media or government tell you these things? Is it too controversial for you to handle? Are you going to panic?


Yes and no. NO, if you are waiting for the government to create a magic bullet. As you will see in “The Strecker Memorandum,” part of the problem is that all the various AIDS viruses are “recombinant retroviruses.” Very simply, that means they have the ability to recombine with the genes of any cell they enter and the offspring or new viruses they form are different from the parent viruses. HTLV III alone (that’s the most common American AIDS virus) has the mathematical ability to change itself 9,000×9,000×9,000×9000 times (which is 9,000 to the fourth power). The common cold recombines much less frequently and we haven’t found a cure for it after a hundred years. Besides, does it make much sense to entrust the cure for AIDS to the same people that may have created it? YES, there is hope if Dr. Strecker and a growing number of realistic scientists are correct in looking at alternative, nonallopathic, non drug modalities based on Raman spectroscopy. In fact many experiments are going on now that offer great promise. Unfortunately, our government takes a dim view of any type of treatment for any type of disease let alone AIDS that does not conform to its rigid rules for acceptance, registration, and legalisation. of course the FDA would definitely like to see an allopathic drug treatment or cure presented by an ethical drug company or university. Well, we don’t think that’s going to happen. Because of this attitude, much experimentation in America must go underground, underfunded, or out of the country entirely. Again, this is explained further in “The Strecker Memorandum.”


An ominous personal aspect of this story has been the sudden and unexpected deaths of two of the key players. First, Dr. Strecker’s brother, Ted Strecker, was found shot to death in his home in Springfield, Missouri, an apparent suicide, on August 11, 1988. Was Ted Strecker suicidal?

Perhaps. In the past he suffered from depression and monumental frustration at the relative lack of interest in his findings. Dr. Strecker spoke with him the night before his death. Ted was cheerful, in good spirits, and looking forward to certain new developments that promised progress. The next day he was found dead, his 22 calibre rifle next to him. No note, no message, no goodbyes to anyone. Very untypical of him. officially a suicide. Next, Illinois State Representative Douglas Huff of Chicago was found alone in his home, dead from an apparent overdose of cocaine and heroin, on September 22, 1988. Representative Huff did everything in his power to make the Illinois State Legislature and the people of Chicago aware of Dr. Strecker’s work. He was very vocal, gave many press interviews, was constantly on television and radio urging people to wake up to the cover-up concerning AIDS. Did Representative Huff use drugs? Perhaps yes, but only occasionally and recreationally. Was he an addict? No. Would he have known how dangerous a massive overdose off cocaine and heroin was? Yes, of course. Cause of death: officially a stroke. Dr. Strecker has serious doubts that his brother killed himself. Representative Huff’s associates doubt he died accidentally, and yet they are gone. Who’s next?


We all know it is easier for a king to have a lie believed than a beggar to spread the truth. Well, we are spreading the truth about AIDS. Unfortunately, it isn’t pretty. But the fact is you are not being told the truth by the government or the so-called AIDS experts. The media, for reasons of their own, will not present information contradicting the official propaganda. So you can choose to go along with the same people who gave us brain cancer (SV-40 virus) as a result of their contaminated polio vaccines in the early 1960’s; a polio like disease from their contaminated Swine Flu vaccine in the 1970’s; and AIDS from their smallpox and hepatitis B vaccines; or, you can at least make yourself a ware of the clear and present dangers that we all face by watching “The Strecker Memorandum.” The cost of the tape is nominal, but we submit that remaining ignorant can cost infinitely more.


STOP PRESS: At an International Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland on HIV, medical experts were told that women were now being infected with HIV at the world-wide rate of two a minute as the AIDS epidemic gathers pace. The World Health Organisation (WHO) Director said, “AIDS was still in its early stages. By the year 2000 they expected that more than 13 million women will have been infected of which a third, by then, would have died”. (Source: Sydney Daily Telegraph Mirror, 8/9/93.)

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