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Viral Load Predicts Kidney Disease

Posted by pozlife on August 7, 2006

Was looking around about HIV and Kidney stones….On the good side after much pain and many painkillers , I excreted yet another rock! Damn kidney Stones

by Megan Rauscher

August 4, 2006 (Reuters Health) – The HIV-1 RNA level may help distinguish HIV-associated nephropathy (HIVAN) from non-HIVAN renal pathology, suggests a study in the August 1st issue of Clinical Infectious Diseases.

“Although HIVAN is traditionally the most common renal lesion affecting HIV-infected patients, non-HIVAN lesions cumulatively account for up to one-half of renal diseases in these patients,” Dr. Mohamed G. Atta, from the nephrology division at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, and colleagues note in their report.

They retrospectively compared renal histopathological findings in 86 primarily African American HIV-positive patients according to HIV-1 RNA levels.

“In this population, we found that HIVAN was unlikely if the HIV-1 RNA level was less than 400 copies/ml,” Dr. Atta told Reuters Health. “So, if a patient has a suppressed viral load and has clinical evidence of kidney disease, HIVAN is unlikely in this setting,” he said.

“The clinical implications, we believe, are related to locations where kidney biopsy is not an option or contraindicated to make the right diagnosis,” Dr. Atta added.

As a whole, the study subjects displayed “an array of renal lesions,” although the majority had non-HIVAN disease. Hypertensive vascular disease surpassed HIVAN as the single most common biopsy finding.

“This observation may reflect an evolving profile of renal diseases affecting HIV-infected patients as a result of systemic nonantiviral effects of HAART or a shirt towards more-traditional causes of chronic kidney disease,” the authors say.

“The other important message of the study is prevention of HIVAN,” Dr. Atta said. “Our results suggest that HIVAN can be prevented in this population by using antiretroviral therapy to suppress viral load.”

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