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Bug Chasers and Gift Givers

Posted by pozlife on September 28, 2006

The world is becoming more familiar with the term “bug” and this is not a reference to the beetle kind of bug. This section is all about the bug, so you can learn more about it. So what is the bug all about? The word “bug” refers to HIV.

Some men have unprotected sex with other men who they believe are HIV positive so that they can catch the bug and also become HIV positive. A person who is seeking the bug is known to be a “bug chaser”. There are also some men who want to give the bug to others and infect them with HIV. A person seeking to give someone else the bug is known to be a “gift giver”.

Why would someone want to get the bug?
Some may wonder why someone would want to purposely infect themselves with HIV. The thought about a HIV negative person receiving HIV through bareback sex may be an arousing sensation for some, knowing that one guy is taking an extreme risk can be seen as a turn on. The same could be said about the HIV positive person, he may get turned on by knowing that he has the ability to give someone else HIV, or to change their life. This could also be seen that he has the ability to take something away from the other person. There are various reasons why someone may want to purposely become HIV positive and here are a few of them:

  • Worry: For many men, the worry of contracting HIV is one which makes them so concerned, that they feel sick. Every time they have unprotected sex, they wonder whether they have become HIV positive, should they get tested, what if they are are HIV positive and what about the next person they have unprotected sex with, should they tell them? HIV can take approximately twelve weeks after the infection has entered the body to show up in the system and tests, so some guys who are regular barebackers may not get tested each time they have unprotected sex and if they have been infected, this may not show up immediately. The thoughts running through the mind may be worrying, so perhaps some guys would rather seek the bug so they can put themselves at ease knowing that they no longer have to worry about becoming HIV positive and they can be honest with other men about their HIV status.
  • Natural: Some guys may become aroused by the sensation of having unprotected sex in a specific attempt to catch HIV. This could be the sensation of the rhythm of being fucked and the thought of the “charged” or “poz” cum transferring through from the gift giver to the bug chaser. Sex is a natural behavior and for a man and woman, the sensation of unprotected sex means that the man has the ability of giving the woman something unique through sex – a load of semen which has the ability to make her pregnant. This could be a turn on for both the male and female partners. When you look at bug chasers and gift givers, there is a similarity here in terms of “giving” and “taking” where instead of making the recipient pregnant, the recipient is potentially made positive.
  • Love: Love is something which is unfortunately lacking in the world today. Many gay men feel that they cannot love themselves, let alone love anyone else because they are gay. Just tune into any of the news reports around the world and you will discover that there are more stories about gay hate crimes or opinions by people about how being gay is bad rather than the nicer and more uplifting stories there are in our lives. Perhaps some men feel that they are worthless, unimportant and a burden on society, so much, that they don’t care about themselves or their health and they do whatever feels good to them, even if it means risking their health in the process. It is very sad that we feel that we cannot love another person and show intimacy and love for another person of the same sex. Each person is unique, there is nobody else like us on this planet, so it’s important to disregard any hurtful views towards gay people and be strong and show determination. Perhaps if we felt that we were loved, then more gay people would love themselves and in turn, take better care of themselves?
  • Risk: There are some things that provide a rush, things that maybe forbidden or dangerous and some of these sensations drive some men wild. Perhaps the thought of being exposed to a condition which has no current cure is worth the risk to some, the feeling of adrenaline knowing that the process of getting fucked and driven with “charged” cum is one which is worth it because the result of the feeling is more important than any side effects of doing so.

These are only some of the factors a person may consider when he decides that he purposely wants to contract or transmit HIV. When someone does something, they usually do it for a particular reason. Many people may be quick to judge someone who is a bug chaser or gift giver, however, people making judgements may not have taken a moment to delve into the issue seriously, they may have made a judgement without analysis, which is very easy to do.

Take a look at the issues raised above: worry, natural, love, risk. Do you see any similarity between any of these identifiers? Each issue is associated with emotion, so there are many factors which could result in the reason why one man may wish to risk his health by purposely contracting HIV. What needs to happen is for people to stop the judgement and offer some understanding and compassion. If someone makes a choice to purposely infect themselves with HIV, this is a choice that they have made and there would likely be a reason they felt was valid behind them making this choice. It is important that a person fully understands the outcomes and results of making this choice before they get involved in something which cannot be undone.

This article does not discuss the topic of those people who lie or purposely infect people without the other person’s knowledge. Some men will actively participate in bareback sex if they are HIV positive and will not disclose their HIV status or may lie about it to someone who believes that they are HIV negative. It is completely wrong to lie about HIV status and knowingly infecting someone else without them knowing they are being put at risk. This is a criminal action and something people need to be aware of, because it does happen.

Important: The webmaster of Bareback Resources does not encourage individuals to become bug chasers or gift givers. This article has been designed to highlight some of the issues which are happening and to provide an insight into why individuals would risk their health by wanting to subject themselves to the HIV virus. It is important for anyone who is considering bug chasing to think clearly about what they are doing and to weigh up the benefits and drawbacks of doing so prior to participating in such activities. Remember that you are in control of what you decide to do, so please make an informed decision using various resources which are available to you.

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