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Conversion Parties

Posted by pozlife on September 30, 2006


Some men who make a choice that they want to get the “bug” or the “gift” are so sure that they want to become HIV positive, that they want to have unprotected sex with as many HIV positive people as possible to achieve their goal. This process can be referred to as “conversion”, where a person wants to become “converted”, so they consider attending “bug parties”, also known as “conversion parties”.

Conversion parties usually consist of two types of party goer, the bug chaser and the gift giver. Some men may find these kinds of parties arousing and very erotic and there is definitely a kind of sensation within. On the other hand, others may find this kind of party disturbing.

Bug parties may be popular with bug chasers and gift givers alike, as the feeling of a bug chaser wanting to receive something and the gift giver wanting to offer something is the whole concept behind these parties. There is a lot of emotion involved, as the bug chaser has his reasons for wanting to become positive, whether it’s through the release of worry or the sensation and the gift giver may feel that he can offer something to the bug chaser to change his life.

There are different types of conversion parties and here are a couple of the variations:

  • Russian Roulette: Only a small number of members at the party are HIV positive and most of the guests are HIV negative. In most cases, the HIV positive guests are not known and an “orgy” takes place where guys have unprotected sex with everyone in the room and guests run with the show. At the end of the party, the HIV positive guests may wish to make themselves known so the HIV negative guests can find out whether they have been exposed to someone who has the HIV virus.
  • Gang Bang: One member at the party is HIV negative and all or most of the other guests are HIV positive. This is where the guests take turns fucking the HIV negative guy in a “gang bang” style situation, but fucking the guy one by one. With this variation, the HIV negative guest knows that he has a very good chance of becoming “converted”, as he knows that each person fucking him is likely HIV positive.

Conversion parties are risky and the level of risk can depend upon the type of party and various other factors. You can see how quickly the HIV virus can be spread through these parties, as guests are basically shared around the room and sharing any infections they have with each other. If a bug chaser does not succeed the first time, he may continue to attend conversion parties until he has converted.

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