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Adverse Events

Posted by pozlife on October 3, 2006

Most of us expect that, no matter what medication we take, we are likely to experience some side effects. Your body needs time to get used to the treatment and accommodate it.

While some people are fortunate enough to experience few, if any, side effects, this is not the case for everyone.
What are the usual side effects?

Side effects to treatment can include:

• Headache;
• Fever;
• Fatigue;
• Diarrhoea;
• Vomiting;
• Nausea;
• Loss of appetite;
• Abdominal pain;
• Flatulence;
• Skin rashes;
• Peripheral neuropathy;
• Lactic acidosis;
• Pancreatitis;
• Fat redistribution.

The degree to which a side effect is tolerable or even acceptable will vary from one person to another.


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