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Student Convicted

Posted by pozlife on October 22, 2006

A student in the internal Russian republic of Mordovia was convicted of slandering two traffic police officers. He pleaded guilty to publishing a pornographic story about two homosexuals where the officers became the main characters.
It turns out that Alexei, the student, committed the act out of revenge, writes the “Novye Izvestiya” newspaper. At the beginning of last year he was driving his Zhiguli in his hometown when the two officers stopped and fined him 500 rubles for not having his driving license. Alexei felt this was unjust and went out of his way to exact revenge.
During a computer class in the Mordovia State University he downloaded a pornographic story from the Internet that recounted the love games of two homosexuals in graphic detail. Alexei changed the names of the characters to those of the police officers, including their ranks and place of work. He placed the updated story on another site, which suddenly became popular.
Eventually his actions were detected by the deputy prosecutor of Mordovia, who “accidentally happened to look” at the site. Upon his request, the Mordovia Ministry of the Interior started investigating why the “personal lives of the guards of law and order” were described in such explicit detail on the internet. A special unit on technological crime for spheres like the internet found the culprit fairly quickly.
The prosecutor’s office of Saransk proceeded with two charges, “Insulting the authorities” and “Unlawfully distributing pornographic materials”. They even created an expert group with the Ministry of Culture.
“I reviewed all of the evidence, and it is definitely pornography!” said the expert group assistant head Anna Shatova.
The trial took place in a local Saransk court, and the judge sentenced Alexei to one year in prison and moral compensation to each officer. Alexei pleaded guilty as charged.



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