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Posted by pozlife on March 6, 2007

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

First up on HRC’s daily webcast, the GLBT community loses a hero. Bob Hattoy broke new ground in the fight to combat HIV and AIDS in his prime-time speech on the disease at the 1992 Democratic Convention. Bob passed away over the weekend but will always be remembered for the way he changed how millions of Americans viewed people living with HIV/AIDS.

Turning to some state news, Iowa Governor Chet Culver signed a strong anti-bullying bill into law yesterday. After a tumultuous path through the Legislature, students are now protected from bullying in schools based on sexual orientation, gender, race and age.

Last year the Arkansas Supreme Court ruled that the state’s ban on gay and lesbian foster parents was unconstitutional. Now a state lawmaker has introduced a bill to ban any gay or lesbian person from serving as a foster or adoptive parent even if they are related to the child. Perhaps showing it’s not just gay people he doesn’t like, the bill would ban unmarried, cohabitating straight people from adopting or fostering unless they are related to the child.

The New York City Council’s lesbian speaker Christine Quinn is heading to Dublin this St. Patrick’s Day to march in their parade there. Organizers of New York’s parade bar GLBT people from marching openly and Quinn will continue her tradition of boycotting the New York event.

The church of Reverend Ted Haggard has seen its contributions fall significantly since Haggard stepped down amid allegation of drug use and relations with a male escort. Forty-four people have been laid off – 12 percent of the 14,000-member church’s staff.

Finally, Sydney, Australia’s famed Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras wrapped up this week. The parade, with 8,000 participants and 120 floats, drew more than 350,000 spectators.


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