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POZ – Just Found Out?

Posted by pozlife on April 15, 2007


Just Found Out?
A POZ.com Guide for HIV Rookies
So you just tested HIV positive.
Don’t panic!
Testing positive is not:
The end of the world.
The end of your relationships.
The end of you.
Testing positive is:
A raw deal you’ll probably feel strongly about, even if at first you’re numb.
A challenge to you and to the people in your life.
An opportunity to grow.
Take a deep breath. And check out our guide for the newly diagnosed by clicking on the 10 key questions at your right—to which we offer a uniquely POZ mix of well-tested smarts and cutting-edge information. For more personal stories and expert advice, read our Think Positive issue next.
We also recommend that you join POZ Mentor, POZ.com’s online peer support service, which matches up HIVers by what they need and what they know. It’s designed especially with rookies like you in mind.
Then tell us what you think—and what’s up with you—by emailing justfoundout@poz.com

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One Response to “POZ – Just Found Out?”

  1. POZ Guy said

    Sometimes just chatting with other HIVers helps. http://www.AIDSchat.org has no signups and is open 24/7 😉

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