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Israeli Extremists Threaten New Anti-Gay Demonstrations

Posted by pozlife on May 30, 2007


by 365Gay.com Newscenter Staff

Posted: May 29, 2007 – 5:00 pm ET

(Jerusalem) An ultra-Orthodox sect that staged a week of riots last year against gay pride celebrations in Jerusalem is warning that if a parade is permitted this year it will again take to the streets.

Last week District Chief Cmdr. Ilan Franco gave tentative approval for a gay parade in the city on June 21 adding that the final OK must come the district commander based on “the intelligence information and/or evidence he may have at hand, on any restrictions he sees fit to apply to the event, it’s location, and arrangements.” (story)

Rabbi Oded Shmueli of the haredi sect warned the government not to approve the march, calling homosexuality “evil”.

“Does everyone with an evil proclivity need to display it?” Rabbi Oded Shmueli asked on Army Radio.

“They should at least have some shame. Why display it? People who want to commit murder or rob a bank are afraid of the shame. So what should we tell them to do- to go rob a bank; commit rape; murder; everything?”

Shmueli also said that the haredi had formed an alliance with the extreme-right Jewish National Front to oppose the parade.

Shmueli said that among the proposals being considered were blocking the streets to haredi neighborhoods and physically striking out at gay businesses and venues that are open on the Sabbath.

Noa Satat, Open House, the LGBT community center that sponsors the gay parade said the threats illustrate the need for a gay inclusionary parade.

The 2006 pride march was cancelled following a week of rioting in Jerusalem by the haredi.

Thousands of sect members took to the streets for a week, setting fire to garbage cans and injuring more than a dozen people.

Instead of holding a march Open House held a pride concert and celebration at Hebrew University where anyone entering the grounds was checked by police. (story) There were no incidents.

But the march preceding year was marred by violence. More than a than a dozen protestors were arrested and three people were stabbed.

Almost 1,000 protestors lined the parade route. Bottles of urine and bags containing feces were hurled at marchers. 

Shortly after the parade began Shai Schlissel, a haredi member, rushed into the marchers on Ben Yehuda Street stabbing a man and a woman. 

Others in the parade attempted to subdue him. The third victim was a marcher who went to the aid of the other two victims. (story)

Schlissel is in prison for the attack.

The haredi have become a growing force in Israeli politics, raising fears among some that the country could turn into an ultra-Orthodox state. Haredi political parties have often held the political power to make or break a government. (story)

Source: Gay News From 365Gay.com


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