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Report: 3 U.K. Performers Infected With HIV

Posted by pozlife on October 26, 2007

img10Infected actor reportedly tested negative with “standard” HIV test but found to be positive days after the shoot.

LONDON — Three performers became infected with HIV last month during the production of a gay bareback movie, according to gay online magazine Boyz.co.uk.

The models were working with a 26-year-old actor who apparently had tested negative using a standard HIV antibody test. However, standard HIV testing allows for a three-month period when HIV antibodies may remain undetectable, and when the actor went for monthly testing just a few days after the production shoot in question, he was found to be HIV-positive.

One of the three actors who became infected, Jay, said, “On all the shoots, we do everything: kiss, rim, fuck. I’m passive, but he didn’t come inside me — that never happens in porn, it’s all face and mouth. It must have been from his pre-cum inside me.”

The article pointed out the issues raised by using HIV testing that may produce a false negative result for up to 12 weeks after initial infection, which is the type of test most commonly used for performers in the U.K.

An HIV doctor told Boyz.co.uk, “Tests with shorter window periods would be the best way for anyone who works in bareback porn to reduce the risks.” However, the unnamed doctor stated also that unprotected sexual activity was “never risk-free, regardless of testing.”

After the incident the unnamed director of the production reportedly is now ensuring that all performers who work for his company will be tested monthly with a 48-hour HIV test provided by a London clinic. Presumably, that test would be a PCR-DNA test, which is the standard for the industry performers working in straight productions here in the U.S.

According to the report, the Health Department in the U.K. continues to recommend the standard HIV test for performers citing that the test is more reliable and that there were concerns about alleged false negatives with the 48-hour tests.

The production company director stated that he was unaware the 48-hour tests were available, saying, “If we had known about it, we’d have chased it up and made sure we used it.”

Jay said also, “I wish that my company was using the quick test before my shoot but they didn’t know about it.”

Apparently the production company plans on marketing the film and is planning to release the title sometime before Christmas.

At the time of this posting Boyz.co.uk and spokesperson for Adult Industry Medical Healthcare were unavailable for comment.

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