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Titan Media Donates $25K to GLBT, HIV Charities

Posted by pozlife on November 17, 2007


SAN FRANCISCO — Gay production company Titan Media has donated $25,000 to establish the Titan/Folsom Fund, which benefits various GLBT and HIV charities. The funds also will go to underwrite nonprofit Folsom Street Events’(FSE) Folsom Street Fair and Up Your Alley events.

"As a leader within the gay adult industry, TitanMen is proud to be one of the largest studio contributors to non-profit organizations specializing in gay men’s health and education," Founder and CEO of Titan Media Bruce Cam said.

Titan Media, which is a staunch supporter of safe sex practices, has been in the forefront of championing condom-only content in the gay adult industry, as well as showing support for the leather fetish-based FSE.

"We have been able to show that protection and profit can go hand-in-hand by producing the best-selling gay adult films in the world while still maintaining a condom-only/safer sex policy. The greatest gift we can give back to the community is the portrayal of safer sex and the use of condoms in our films. The value of a single human life is worth more than any amount of money we could ever contribute,” Cam said.

According to FSE President Andy Copper, the Titan donation is the foundation for the Folsom National Grants Program being established this year.

The TitanMen/Folsom Fund will support nonprofit organizations specializing in gay men’s health and education across the nation and will be wholly administered by Folsom Street Events. Folsom Street Events will match donated funds with additional national grants, so the 2007 national grants program will give out a total of $27,500.

This year’s recipients of grants from the TitanMen/Folsom Fund are:

  • St. James Infirmary (San Francisco) — HIV prevention, testing and harm reduction for sex workers.
  • L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center (Los Angeles) — HIV prevention programs.
  • Gay City (Seattle) — HIV prevention and testing programs.
  • Howard Brown Health Center (Chicago) — Youth-oriented HIV prevention and testing programs.
  • Gay and Lesbian Community Center of South Florida (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.) — HIV prevention and testing programs.
  • As a presenting sponsor of the Folsom Street Fair, Titan Media has also created a cobranded TitanMen/Folsom line of hardcore leather/fetish films that have been designated the "Exclusive Leather/Fetish Films of the Folsom Street Fair.”

    A portion of sales from the cobranded DVDs finances the grants. The first film in the series is GAYVN award-winning “Folsom Filth,” followed by “Folsom Leather” and “FEAR.” Sales of the films enabled Titan Media to exceed its guaranteed minimum contribution of $20,000 by $5,000, for a total contribution of $25,000 to Folsom Street Events for 2007.

    "TitanMen promotes fetish and leather play as safer and morally responsible alternatives to the growing trend of bareback within the gay adult entertainment industry," Titan Media vice president Keith Webb said.

    "By portraying and eroticizing safer sexual alternatives, TitanMen hopes to lead by example. While other studios promote and sell bareback films that portray and eroticize high-risk unprotected anal sex, TitanMen will hold firm in its steadfast commitment to the community by portraying and promoting condom-only and safer sex in all its films," Webb said.

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