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Inspiring Stories of People Affected by HIV/AIDS

Posted by pozlife on May 21, 2008


Stories About Men

Stories About Men
“My story is not really a unique story at all. It’s a lot like the story of all the other 24-year-olds who are living with HIV, and that’s exactly why it needs to be told.” Click here to read Todd Murray’s story.
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Stories About Women

Stories About Women
“When I was first diagnosed, I felt so scared, just petrified. Immediately I was thinking ‘Oh my God, they’re going to take my kids! They’re going to deport me!’ I didn’t know where I was going to go to get help.” Click here to read Michelle Lopez’s story.
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Stories About Young People

Stories About Young People
“I look at the pills and think, ‘Yeah, these pills — this fistful of pills — are what’s keeping me alive [laughter].’ It’s hard to describe. It was hard watching my mom die of the disease that I had, that I knew I had. I knew I could end up like her. It’s hard having that realization at such a young age.” Click here to read Alora Gale’s story.
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Stories About Older People

Stories About Older People
“The best thing about sharing my story with others is just standing up and saying, ‘I am somebody, and I am not ashamed’ and also, ‘There is life after this diagnosis, and there is hope.’ And to those who are HIV negative, telling them, ‘You don’t want to wear these shoes.'” Click here to read Robert Mintz’s story.
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Stories About Family and Loved Ones

Stories About Family and Loved Ones
“It’s been very tough having Paula sick and having a baby. It’s hard to rest when you have a baby. … Stuff really frazzles me now. … It’s a combination of the sickness, taking care of Benjamin, and then having to deal with Paula’s parents. It makes it rough. Dealing with these things sort of diverts me from what I should be concerned about, which is Paula’s health.” Click here to read Paula Peterson and Griff Butler’s story.

Tom Keegan and Davidson Lloyd with their daughter
Tom Keegan and Davidson Lloyd live in Los Angeles with their daughter Connor.

Martha and Sarah
Martha and Sarah, photographed by Loel Poor and featured in the Loel Poor Photo Exhibit.

Becky Trotter and Io Cyrus
For Becky Trotter and Io Cyrus, maintaining open lines of communication in their relationship has been a constant, day-to-day concern.

General Family


Other Loved Ones and Friends


2 Responses to “Inspiring Stories of People Affected by HIV/AIDS”

  1. […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptLeonard Okello heads the Ugandan branch of ActionAid, an AIDS advocacy group, and is an AIDS widower who has raised his three daughters alone since his wife’s death. From BBC News; When McGann Loves a Woman (March 2004) … […]

  2. […] why it needs to be told.??? Click here to read Todd Murray??s story. Read more inspiring storhttps://pozlife.wordpress.com/2008/05/21/inspiring-stories-of-people-affected-by-hivaids/UK parliament removes need for father in IVF treatment The StarLONDON Reuters – British lawmakers […]

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