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Drive-Thru Fitness

Posted by pozlife on July 3, 2008

This summer, take it on the road—without taking on the fat.


edited by:  greg stephen photograph by:
kevin mcdermott

With gas prices sky-high, sitting behind the wheel for a summer getaway can burden your wallet. But it can also bankrupt your body: sedentary behavior discourages beneficial blood flow; and road trips are an invitation to poor eating habits. Our Drive-thru Fitness Plan will make sure your hard-earned body won’t end up in the junkyard.
On the road, fast food can be a good friend—if you stick to our menu. Alas, a fast food friend, not a waistline enemy.
A&W Restaurants
Well known for their root beer and old-fashioned drive-ins, A&W’s menu features a few selections that won’t turn your six-pack into a Fats Domino pack. Order a plain hot dog, small chili bowl and diet soda.
470 calories, 23g protein, 44g carbs, 23g fat.
For breakfast, choose the Egg & Cheese Sourdough:
392 calories, 18g protein, 41 carbs, 12g fat;
At lunch, order the Santa Fe Salad with grilled chicken, but avoid the Santa Fe dressing—it’s loaded with more calories than the entire salad. 
425 calories, 27g protein, 43g carbs, 16g fat.
Burger King
With thousands of locations, be prepared with these menu items to truly “Have it your way.” For breakfast, drive in for the CroissanWich Egg & Cheese and coffee.
300 calories, 12g protein, 26g carbs, 17g fat.
At other meals, order one of two different options: The BK Tendergrill Chicken Garden Salad with fat-free ranch dressing, small onion rings and diet soda or water.
440 calories, 35g protein, 41g carbs, 16g fat.
Or, select a Whopper Jr. (without mayo, without cheese), a side salad with a half pack of fat-free ranch dressing and diet soda or water.
335 calories, 17g protein, 41g carbs, 12g fat.
Carl’s Junior
With loads of large beef burgers on the menu, it’s hard not to get lost on your way, but go for their Charbroiled BBQ Chicken Sandwich, a side salad with low-fat balsamic dressing and diet soda or water. 445 calories, 37g protein, 58g carbs, 8.5g fat.
Dairy Queen
They boast an extensive menu beyond ice cream, but calories can add up quickly. Choose their Grilled Chicken Wrap, which is made with a flour tortilla, boneless chicken, lettuce, dressing and cheese. Since you promise to work it off when your vacation’s over, indulge a special treat: a small chocolate sundae. Total meal: 490 calories, 17g protein, 58g carbs, 20g fat.
If you’re near a Hardee’s, try to make it for lunch or dinner. While 6g of carbs is low in their Low Carb Breakfast Bowl, at over 600 calories it certainly ain’t low cal. Go for the Low Carb Chicken Club Sandwich with Swiss cheese added and a side salad with fat-free Italian dressing.
550 calories, 46g protein, 20g carbs, 32g fat.
Taco Bell
Most of their menu is waistline friendly, as long as you don’t order too much. Go for the “Fresco Style” Grilled Steak Soft Taco. Add a side order of guacamole and salsa.
245 calories, 11g protein, 28g carbs, 9.5g fat.
The Colonel now promises zero trans fats per serving. Steer clear of the Pot Pies and Bowls, but enjoy one piece of original recipe chicken breast with a side of green beans and 3” corn on the cob.
480 calories, 41g protein, 27g carbs, 24g fat.

You’re never far from the golden arches. Order correctly and stay away from the over-40-inch waist section at your favorite department store. At breakfast, steer clear of the “Deluxe Platters” and opt for the original breakfast sandwich—the Egg McMuffin and a large coffee:
300 calories, 18g protein, 30g carbs, 12g fat.
Or, go for a Fruit ‘n Yogurt Parfait with apple juice.
250 calories, 4g protein, 54g carbs, 2g fat.
At other meals, opt for their Premium Bacon Ranch Salad with grilled chicken, Newman’s Low-Fat Vinaigrette Dressing, Apple Dippers and diet soda or water.
335 calories, 33g protein, 19g carbs, 34g fat.
Or, Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken Snack Wrap, side salad (no dressing).
280 calories, 19g protein, 49g carbs, 9g fat.
Pizza Hut
Everyone loves pizza, but the calories and fat can add up quickly. Stay on the right track with two slices from their 12” Medium Thin ‘N Crispy Quartered Ham and Pineapple, or Veggie Lovers Pizza. Per slice, both offer just about the same nutrition.
180 calories, 9g protein, 23g carbs, 7g fat & 58g carbs,
8.5g fat.
Turn a sub into a salad, and you can’t go wrong with their Oven Roast Chicken Breast. Most other menu items are double on calories and carbs, so you can even enjoy a bowl of their minestrone soup. Salad (with salad dressing) with minestrone soup nutrition info:
255 calories, 16g protein, 33g carbohydrates, 3.5g fat.
More than just grilled chicken and romaine lettuce, the Ultimate Chicken Grill is loaded with vitamin A and C. Avoid the mayo and ask for the honey mustard instead. Keep the dressing and croutons to a minimum. Now only if they could put it on a whole-wheat bun.
320 calories, 28g protein, 36g carbs, 7g fat.


One Response to “Drive-Thru Fitness”

  1. This is true eating sanely in a McDonald’s is a challenge!

    It is possible as long as you’re serious.

    Generally speaking, we practise less sport activities than our kids so we really need to be more serious about what we swallow daily as food & beverages…


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