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Vitter and Craig’s Marriage Amendment… and Now for the Punchline

Posted by pozlife on July 5, 2008


Vitter and Craig's Marriage Amendment... and Now for the Punchline


By Sara Whitman | Article Date: 7/03/2008 12:30 AM

Last week it was announced that David Vitter and Larry Craig were co-sponsoring a marriage amendment. Two of the most notorious sex offenders in the Senate were out doing their duty, trying to protect marriage from homosexuals.

The prostitute using, anonymous gay bathroom sex lovin’ duo is going to clean up America. Marriage will be between a man and a woman.

Bathrooms, obviously, are outside the bounds of matrimony. Or if you pay for it. Free enterprise- or a good blowjob at a low rate- is good for everyone, right?


As I read the article, I kept waiting for the punch line or the cymbal crash. There was none. These two men are serious and they have welcomed the press around their efforts.

I couldn’t help but wonder, why would the Republican Party do such a thing? Just as the Democrats have leadership that picks agenda items, so do the Republicans.

Are they stupid, as many people have mused? I don’t think so. You don’t own Washington, DC for as many years as the Republicans have by being stupid.

Are Vitter and Craig acting out of desperation to be re-elected, and outside of the leadership? Perhaps. Neither one stands much of a chance at re-election. Well, maybe Vitter because he was at least doing the deed with a woman he paid for, fair and square- not some guy in a bathroom.

Or is the Republican leadership smart enough to know the tide is changing, and willing to offer up a couple of inconsequential sacrifices in order to appear to care about an issue they are losing hard and fast on.

A friend of mine who has been involved in political lobbying for many years said to me once, Politicians hate to lose. A very superstitious bunch, they believe is you start voting for losing issues enough times, they themselves will start to lose.

As in elections.

They are unwilling to put themselves in awkward if not unpopular places unless it speaks deeply to their constituents. Which makes me wonder if I should move to the 10th district of Ohio, the place that elects Dennis Kucinich year after year.

Are the Republicans simply putting out the lame ducks to take on an issue they know is going to fall apart quickly? Vitter and Craig are ridiculous jokes to be the poster boys of marriage rights. They are also very expendable.

You don’t see Elizabeth Dole, John Warner or Richard Lugar taking this on. Noooooo. What about Mike Crapo? At least his name adds to the pathetic nature of the effort.

Is this the fat lady singing? Is this a sign the Republicans are tossing in the towel?

No one expected the defeat of the Arizona amendment in 2006 to be revisited but it is, in fact, being revisited. A handful of legislators pulled a few funny moves and now it will be voted on again.

In Massachusetts, we’re all resting on our laurels. Instead of fighting the most important fight of our lives—fighting the vote against our marriage equality—we are going to Provincetown, enjoying the beaches and marrying at will.

We are very complacent. Looking at Vitter and Craig makes us laugh.

Should it? Until the California ballot is defeated, until every state in the union has marriage equality and federal benefits to match, I won’t believe it.

Nor should you.


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