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Will Renewed Interest in U.S. HIV/AIDS Inspire Action?

Posted by pozlife on September 25, 2008

An analysis of increased attention from politicians on domestic HIV/AIDS was published by the National Journal
on September 20. The weekly political magazine covered the heightened
interest following the release of a Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention (CDC) report placing U.S. HIV incidence 40 percent higher
than previously estimated.

After the new CDC data was released
in early August, Sens. Barack Obama and John McCain each issued
statements on the findings, pledging to bolster efforts to treat and
prevent domestic HIV/AIDS if elected president.

The Journal
reports, however, that it remains unclear whether this renewed interest
in HIV/AIDS in the United States will inspire action. While the CDC
laid some groundwork for a national AIDS strategy in 2001—which
aimed to reduce the number of new HIV infections by 50 percent in four
years—it was never fully implemented. The agency has since
extended that initial plan through 2010, with a focus on better
addressing infection among African Americans and men who have sex with

According to advocates, such as HIV/AIDS consultant Chris
Collins, one of the main barriers to implementing a national AIDS
strategy has been the lack of effective communication between local and
federal initiatives.

“We’ve got disparate efforts
scattered around the country and no one in charge of bringing the
various efforts together,” Collins told the Journal.

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