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Posted by pozlife on November 23, 2008

Well what to say on this cold day.  For some reason I can not get warm. The doctors say its is from muscle loss..talk about looking like Mr. Potato head !  I see that E harmony is being force to take on gay clients.  I am not sure the laws from above were right.  We have many HIV & Gay and lesbian chat rooms and some say no to straight people straight up front. So should it not be that they too, should  be posted gay personals ?  Why are movies so fucking cookie cuter….give me some strange and some unexpected ends ! I just hate watching yet another expeced planned ending.  The mist short from King is a great short story and movie. the story and the movie end diffrently and the movie was way more interesting.  Who would have thunk it and the way the media has fucked up every one of most of his books ( Carrie,Shawshank,Green Mile, Misery being the best of his movie adaptations )………..then we have lawnmoer man…the panish story was much beter than his taken  from “Flowers From Angernon” or is it “For Allgeron?  Eracer head fucks with your mind!!

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